ENOC Protec Premium is a modern high technology based gasoline engine oil exceeding the latest API SL performance specification. Developed to provide maximum protection for use in modern passenger cars including low emission engines and high performance vehicles. It is suitable for all types of driving conditions (city, highway and harsh) and is available in a range of SAE viscosity grades, to meet market conditions. Compatible for all cars running on lead free gasoline and catylitic converters.


  • All makes of passenger cars 

  • High performance normally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines 

  • Four stroke motorcycle engines where motor oils are recommended 

  • Japanese and American manufactured cars 

  • Light commercial vehicles 

Performance Standards

Protec Premium meets and exceeds the following International specifications:

  • API SL/CF, SJ, SH 

  • ACEA A2-98/2, B2-98/2 

Always follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for required lubricant performance level and oil drain intervals.


Protec Premium provides:

  • The highest level of engine protection for all manufacturers 

  • Extended engine life 

  • Superior resistance to oil thickening 

  • Excellent protection against wear 

  • Low oil consumption and engine deposits 

  • Easy all year round starting 

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