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Adams Cheddar Cheese 453g

Price Rs915
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Cheddar is the most readily available form of cheese. Adam’s cheddar cheese is known for its distinct taste and texture. Produced on a state-of-the-art plant, Adam’s has consistently delivered high quality cheddar cheese for the last two decades

Adams Cottage Cheese 200g

Price Rs415
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Cottage cheese is the most basic form of cheese which unlike cheddar is not matured / aged. Adam’s cottage cheese is made from fresh pasteurized low-fat milk which lets you enjoy that fresh cheese taste. You can eat it as part of a salad, or put it on a toast or simply enjoy it by itself.

Adams Pizza Cheese 453g

Price Rs1,055
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Adam’s pizza cheese takes flavour from cheddar and texture from mozzarella to produce cheese especially for use in pizzas. Adam’s pizza cheese can be shredded, diced or placed in strips on the pizza for a smooth, soft and stringy feel to your dish.