Tezz Delivery is a one-stop solution for your daily shopping needs.

Frustrated with disruptive deliveries and unreliable delivery times? We came up with a solution that keeps the quintessential modern consumer in mind. You can now order any grocery item, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, toiletries, everyday essentials, fruits and vegetables, and much much more, and it will be delivered to your location of choice in Islamabad, DHA, and Bahria in less than 2 hours, with FREE DELIVERY on ALL ORDERS.



At Tezz Delivery, we provide a smooth warehouse to customer transition, where your sanitized orders arrive within two hours or less. Here at Tezz Delivery, your safety and satisfaction matter. Your choice matters.

Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Today, people are turning to technology to fulfil more of their needs than ever before in history, as our lives increasingly tie in with the online world. Our aim is to give people the power to choose and to never feel that their freedom or mobility is compromised.

At Tezz Delivery, the goal is to nurture, grow, and inspire people to follow their dreams without losing out on precious time or resources. Tezz Delivery is here to provide efficient solutions to modern problems.



Tezz Delivery is a hypergrowth business that is community first. Our employees bring decades worth of experience in logistics and e-commerce to our delivery processes, and their passion, determination and integrity is visible in every step of our delivery system. Our suppliers and customers are some of the largest businesses in the country, and their long history is reflected in Tezz Delivery's efficient, personalized service.

Whether you are a business looking for a grocery delivery solution for your offices or schools, or a consumer with their fingers crossed for a smooth delivery experience, you've come to the right place!

Don't hesitate to call us on 0333 4878399 (0333 ITS TEZZ) for further information.

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Ahsan “Ordering through Tezz Delivery easy, food was very well packed and delivered within 25 Mins - Good Job!”

Ifra “Simple Fast on Time”

Salman “I would highly recommend TD - prices were lower than the local market and no delivery fee”

Maleeha "Excellent service. Fast, professional, and everything carried out very responsibly" 

Awais "Worth Trying Out" 

Amna Khan "Thank you so much for such a fast and accurate service. Nowadays you don't get to see such responsible businesses. It was a great pleasure to order from Tezz"

Sarah Farooq "I have ordered lotus spread and received it within one hour. Nice service."

Alishba Zahid Khan "Amazing services, clean, effective, and cooperative.