Tezz Delivery has been set up as a one stop solution for your daily essentials shopping needs. You can now order any grocery, medicine, toiletries, and cosmetics, and much more, and it will be delivered to your location of choice in Islamabad, Bahria, DHA, and Gulrez in less than 2 hours with FREE DELIVERY on ALL ORDERS.

We Deliver Daily Essentials :)

At Tezz Delivery, we provide a smooth customer transaction, where your sanitized orders arrive within two hours or less. Our wide range includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Groceries
  2. Everyday Essentials
  3. Cleaning Supplies
  4. Household Cleaning and Equipment
  5. Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
  6. Toiletries
  7. Everyday Use Items
  8. Automotive Engine Oils
  9. Stationery
  10. Corona Essentials
  11. Health & Safety
  12. Feminine Hygiene
  13. Snacks 
  14. Packaged and Canned food
  15. Cosmetics

Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives for custom order Pickup / Delivery @ 0333 487 8399 (0333 ITS TEZZ)

At Tezz Delivery, the goal is to nurture, grow, and inspire people to follow their dreams without losing out on precious time or resources. We are constantly increasing both our variety, and our delivery area on a daily basis. Tezz Delivery is here to provide efficient solutions to modern problems.


Zaman "Excellent service, easy to use"

Ahsan “Ordering through Tezz Delivery was easy, very well packed and delivered within 25 Mins - Good Job!”

Ifra “Simple Fast on Time”

Salman “I would highly recommend TD - prices were lower than the local market and no delivery fee”

Ali "Islamabad has long needed a fast and reliable delivery service, specially in these uncertain times"

Delivery Time:
Our delivery time is less than 2 hours. We deliver 7 days a week, from 10 am till 10 pm, with last orders at 9:30 pm

Delivery Area: 
We deliver to all major sectors of Islamabad, Bahria, DHA, and Gulrez.