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ENOC KUWA 5w30 SN - 4 liter (Fully Synthetic)

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ENOC KUWA SPEED 4700 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ENOC KUWA SPEED 4700 is a high performance synthetic engine oil formulated to provide exceptional cleaning power and excellent wear protection. ENOC KUWA SPEED 4700 has been expertly formulated with low SAP additive chemistry to prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of engines emission systems of latest EURO 4 and EURO 5 engines. ENOC KUWA SPEED 4700 meets and exceeds the requirements of many leading car manufacturers standards for new modern diesel and gasoline engine passenger cars, particularly Volkswagen. 

ENOC Xtreme Energy 5w40 SN - 4 liter (Fully...

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ENOC PROTEC X-TREME SN is a high technology fully synthetic lubricant for the latest model passenger cars requiring performance specification API SN developed to provide maximum protection for all passenger cars, including high performance cars and cars with low emission engines with catalytic converts fitted to the vehicles. It is available as a SAE 5W-40 viscosity grades to provide maximum fuel saving and to meet long drain requirements. Compatible for all cars running on lead free gasoline.