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Face Shield - SPEL

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SPEL Face Shield:

SPEL Face Shield - Direct Splash Protection is Pakistan’s first ever CE certified face shield.

·        Made from transparent Pet Sheet

·        First level of defence against Splashes & Mist

·        Elastic Straps Ensure Secure Fit

·        Light Weight & comfortable to wear

·        Polyurethane Padding for Comfortable fit

·        Fits over Glasses and Face Masks

·        Washable with soap and water

·        Non-sterilized

·        Full Face Protection

·        No retention of dermal facial heat

·        No resistance to breathing

·        CE Certified (The first in Pakistan)

Quantity: 1 face shield. 

Available in bulk quantities as well. Please contact us on 0333 489 8377 (0333 ITS TEZZ)