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Davidoff Rich Aroma Coffee 100 gms

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  • Indulge in the full-bodied flavour of Davidoff cafe rich aroma
  • Add to that a gorgeous brown crema on top of every cup
  • It's no wonder Davidoff rich aroma is a coffee lover's dream
  • The discerning choice for all those who prefer an intense, fascinating taste experience

    100 gms

Nescafe Classic 3 in 1 Coffee Satchets (25 gms...

Price Rs1,199
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Nescafe 3 in 1 Coffee 30 SachetsIf you like a stronger coffee, why not try NESCAFÉ Original 3in1 Strong? Each convenient coffee sachet contains everything you need for a stronger, milky-tasting coffee with sugar. Put the kettle on, grab a NESCAFÉ 3 in 1 sachet, and enjoy a delicious mug of coffee in seconds. This instant coffee has a stronger taste than our classic NESCAFÉ Original 3in1, great for when you want a more intense coffee flavour. Our recipe includes milk, sugar and instant coffee made from medium-dark roasted coffee beans. The result is a full-flavoured drink that's ready to go whenever you are. 

Quantity: 30 gms x 30 satchets

Nescafe Classic Coffee 100 gms

Price Rs899
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Stimulate your mind. Awaken your soul. Arouse your senses. Come alive with NESCAFÉ. Every great tasting cup of NESCAFÉ is rich, aromatic and favourable. It is frothy, intense and indulging; bold and satisfying…

Serve it hot or icy cold; strong black or milky, the NESCAFÉ experiences are as diverse and unique as it’s many blends and varieties. Ranging from the morning wake-me-up, to getting through the day, quiet reflective moments to unwinding, parties to simply hanging out with your pals, the NESCAFÉ magic goes beyond just a great tasting cup of coffee; it’s eye opening, thought provoking & stimulating.

Quantity: 100 gms