Dettol Multi-Surface Cleaner (Rose) 1 liter

Dettol Power & Fresh Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful cleaning product with unbelievable freshness that you can use neat on tough stains or dilute on large surface areas. Its formula effectively cuts through grease and grime, killing 99.9% of bacteria, leaving surfaces sparkling clean and your home smelling fresh

For light cleaning:

3 caps of Dettol Power & Fresh Multipurpose Cleaner in 5L of water

For tough cleaning and killing bacteria:
2 caps of Dettol Power & Fresh in 1L of water

Neat use:
Pour onto a cloth or directly onto the surface and then rinse.
Only rinse if used on a food contact surface or if used neat

If swallowed drink large quantities of water and seek medical advice.

Do not mix with other household cleaners.



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